Males for breeding

Aurinkolan Baritoni, Koda

Date of birth 9th Oct,2017, long tail

Registered in Finnish Kennel Club, FI52532/17 (link to breeding system) 

Breeding inspected in Jan 2020 with overall impression 'excellent'

Dog show: national CAC

Health status

Hip joint X-rayed C/C (Breeding index for hips 96 in March, 2020)

Eyes ECVO examined: no evidence of inherited eye diseases (May, 2019)

Patellar luxation lat 1 / lat 1

Spine: vertebral anomaly VA0 (normal), lumbosacral transitional vertebra: 0 (normal)

Gene test (Mydogdna): Swedish vallhund PRA 'normal', hyperurichosurie 'normal', multi-drug resistance 1 (MDR1) 'normal'

Koda has an outgoing and social character. He gets well along with all dogs (both males and females) and children. He lives and meets girl friends at home city Pieksämäki, and in Lahti, by agreement.

We also offer possibility of frozen semen to countries outside Finland.

Please contact the owner, Ms Mirka Huhta